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A resident of San Bernardino County, Esteban, arrived at GHRC in his early twenties for his one and only arrest with a baby on the way.

In Custody

Esteban was selected to participate in the FAITHS Custody To Community (C2C) program in which he would participate in in-custody programming and then be released on an ankle monitor to continue classes and services in the community. Esteban thoroughly engaged in programming, taking particular advantage of one-on-one counseling sessions and parenting classes to understand himself in order to provide a healthier life and parenting for his child. During his participation in the C2C program, Esteban worked with FAITHS staff and law enforcement to repair relationships with his family, coordinate employment, and understand triggers that lead to unhealthy behavior so he doesn’t repeat them.


Currently, Esteban is working full-time in a position he has held for several months while enjoying the opportunities freedom has given him to be a warm, responsive, and empathic father to his new baby. Additionally, Esteban is working with FAITHS staff and community legal partners to expunge his record and is looking forward to a life with this family with any criminal history far behind him.

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