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Wayne, now in his mid-30s, has struggled with going in-and-out of incarceration while having bouts of doing well for up to several years in-between arrests. During his stable periods, Wayne held down steady employment as a union worker, providing for his wife and three children.

In Custody

During his last incarceration period, Wayne began working with staff in the FAITHS Custody To Community (C2C) program to focus on the issues leading up to what he considered his “inevitable failures”. FAITHS staff provided Wayne with one-on-one counseling and a trauma-informed approach to programming that asks “what happened to you?” instead of “what is wrong with you?”. Upon completion of FAITHS in-custody programming, Wayne was placed on electronic confinement for the remainder of his sentence and continued out-of-custody programming with FAITHS. Wayne elected to stay in a sober living facility, instead of immediately returning home, because Wayne recognized that returning to the same place with the same people would lead to him doing the same things that got him caught up before. Instead, Wayne opted for the continued support and accountability of living in a supervised facility, while rebuilding healthy connections to his family and with his own boundaries.


Working with FAITHS staff and the sober living facility connections, Wayne was able to get full-time employment, stay in constant contact with his wife and children, and build trust in himself as he embraced more and more freedom, while continuing to do the right things. Wayne is now well on his way in a new direction with his life and is also working with FAITHS staff and community legal partners to expunge his record and have a crime free future.

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