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Throughcare Coalition meetings aim to promote continuity of care

for the justice-involved population in San Bernardino County,

and to create synergetic progress for all organizations/individuals

involved with the aligned goal of reducing recidivism.

Some of our meetings so far have included discussion on data-sharing initiatives,

CalAIM, and contemporary best-practices.

Throughcare Coalition meetings occur bi-monthly at 11:00 am PST
on the 2nd Thursday of each month, Via Zoom.
To get involved with Throughcare Coalition Meetings,
please email us at
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Get directly connected with the justice-involved population inside the San Bernardino County jail system and at our FAITHS Throughcare Program community site. 

Share what resources/programs may be in
development or
already available.


Stay informed on some of the operations within the Community Service and Reentry Division (CSRD).

Get assistance from the FAITHS Throughcare Program, graduate-level behavioral science, interns that are seeking additional community engagement opportunities. 

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Criminal-Justice Mental-Learning Site


The FAITHS Throughcare Program has been selected to serve as one of ten Criminal-Justice Mental-Health Learning Sites across the nation by the Council of State Governments'

Justice Center and the U.S Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Support from a Criminal-Justice Learning Site includes:

  • Leading discussion on strategic planning, best practices, and lessons learned from their own program implementation.

  • Facilitating mental health-related trainings and presentations.

  • Sharing policy documents, procedure manuals, memoranda of understanding, standard operating procedures, and training curricula.

  • Hosting site visits from agencies to observe program operations firsthand (visits can be conducted in person or virtually).


success stories


Real testimonial from a C2C graduate, Warren Willis.


FAITHS_CSRD SEBA and C2C Shop with a Cop

FAITHS_CSRD SEBA and C2C Shop with a Cop

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