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Throughcare Coalition

Throughcare Coalition aims to promote continuity of care for the justice-involved population in San Bernardino County, and to create synergetic progress for all organizations/individuals involved with the aligned goal of reducing recidivism. Some of our meetings so far have included discussion on data-sharing initiatives, CalAIM, and contemporary best-practices.


Throughcare Coalition Meetings occur monthly at 11:00 am PST via Zoom on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
To get involved with Throughcare Coalition Meetings, please email us at!

Benefits of Participation

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Getting directly connected with the justice-involved population inside the San Bernardino County jail system and at our FAITHS Throughcare Program community site. 

The FAITHS Throughcare Program seeks to connect service providers with clients whenever possible to alleviate client barriers. For example, transportation is a common barrier for the justice-involved population in accessing resources, partially illustrated by some of the resource trends noted in FAITHS case studies with approx. 23% of clients requesting public transportation resources and approx. 60% of clients requesting DMV resources. The FAITHS Throughcare Program looks to increase client access to resources by regularly inviting community liaisons to engage clients wherever they may be. 

Sharing what resources/programs may be in development or already available.

There is a plethora of valuable programs around San Bernardino County that are operational and/or in development. Throughcare Coalition meetings serve not only to inform participants of what is available or near launch, but also to inform participants of what is no longer available so motivated clients have the most current information for their reentry journey. 


Staying informed on some of the operations within the Community Service and Reentry Division (CSRD).

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has focused efforts on improving resource provision and community engagement through CSRD. CSRD staff regularly invites individuals to tour the facility, this platform assists in informing interested parties on current CSRD, as well as FAITHS, events and operations.

FAITHS Intern assistance.

Many FAITHS Throughcare Program graduate-level behavioral science interns are seeking additional community engagement opportunities to experience holistic avenues of serving the justice-involved population as well as understanding other organizations in the field they are prepping to enter post-graduation. This platform would be an opportunity for participants to share upcoming events or daily operations and, if possible, coordinate how interns could assist the operations of participant organizations.

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